Food For Change

Date(s) - 02/01/2014
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A provocative new film about the resurgence of food co-ops in the United States and their role in building resilient food systems and local economies.

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Food For Change, looks at the current resurgence of food co-operatives in America, and their unique historic place in America’s economic and political landscape—somewhere between Adam Smith & Eugene Debs.

 Filmmaker Steve Alves describes his documentary as “one part food, to two parts politics, to three parts economics.” Alves tracks the co-op movement’s quest for whole and organic foods, and the dream of sustainable food systems. The film profiles several current food co-ops that have revived neighborhoods and entire communities—right in the shadow of corporate agribusiness and national supermarket chain stores.

 “Today we’re experiencing a renaissance of American food co-ops,” says Sean Doyle, General Manager of the Seward Co-op. “These are not marginal enterprises—they are successful and dynamic businesses that are revitalizing communities across the United States. People are once again taking more control over the economic forces in their lives.”

 But there were darker days for co-ops after World War II, Alves adds. “Big business regained an influential role within the government, laying the groundwork for a post-war culture based on mass-production, corporate consolidation, and rampant consumerism.”

 “Food Co-ops were a byproduct of the Great Depression,” says co-op historian David Thompson, who is also featured in Food For Change. “The disparity in wealth between the haves and the don’t haves was the spark that ignited co-ops.  As co-ops grew, they restored hope to millions of Americans who began to gain some economic control over their lives and their communities just as co-ops are doing today.”

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